Friday, April 25, 2014

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ABA Crossbow Statement

Amistad Bowhunter Alliance believes a hunting bow, be it longbow, recurve or compound, should be defined by its ability to be hand held and hand drawn and does not have any device that will allow it to be locked at full or partial draw. The crossbow does not meet the widely accepted definition of a hunting bow and should not be included in any bow hunting seasons.

ABA does support the use of crossbows in archery only hunting areas during the general hunting season and recognizes the crossbow's environmental advantages over the use of firearms. ABA respects the use of crossbows by its members during the general hunting season. 

The ABA respects the new Texas crossbow law but asks that all ABA members refrain from the use of crossbow during the 2009 archery season.  

Crossbows are not permitted. The possession or use of crossbows is prohibited in Amistad NRA Hunt Areas, except by those hunters with an upper-limb disability as defined by Texas Parks and Wildlife Regulations (new park regulation).

The ABA is mindful that bow hunting, by its very nature, is an intimate and challenging sport. Bow hunting seasons were created as an opportunity for those hunters preferring the additional challenge presented by hand draw bows. Therefore, official statement is the ABA oppose crossbow use during archery season.

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Crossbow Controversy

Do you approve of the new Texas crossbow law?

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